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Chinese cupping set JK-003

Model No.︰JK-003
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1000 pc
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Product Description
Name: 1, Suction cupping
2, Vacuum cupping
3, Cupping therapy
4, Chinese cupping set
5, Health care magnetic needle

A. edition binding 18 pots
B. 18 pots, or 18 cups
C. 24 sets/ CTN
D. packing size: 66*54*55cm
E. with magnetism

Chinese special

1, Traditional Chinese medicine ,china treasure.
Chinese medicine veins and arteries therapy
Cure various diseases
Dredge through the live blood
Improve the muscle immunity the function
2, Inside disease outside remove, result special
gather to puncture, massage, guasha etc.in the integral whole
Remove the inside the breeze, cold, wet, hot, poison
3, health care gift, old and little all proper
New health care gift
Send the friend
Elegant features
Species assorts
Economy enduring
4, Ego diagnosis, health care prevention
pure physical therapy, safe and quickly
clinical application, detailed contents sees the manual

Make use the square method
1, employment front, first bottle top end valve the pole heading up to withdraw once, commitment air unblocked
2,gasp the gun muzzle set the vacuum to live the empress of a 4 times or so , attain the adequacy negative press
3, the employment end to rise the bottle, bottle top end valve the pole lightly bring up, and the bottle have the then commend able bottlm
4,human body muscle less the part or furriery, brothers, joint can use the edible to make into a turn the mat place a bottle bottom then reach to seal come pletely the result.

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